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With Via Nova you can identify yourself

"A healthy environment for exclusive natural products"


The Via Nova center in summer 2012

The headquarters of VIA NOVA is nestled in the wonderful landscape of the Oberallgäu region. With a stunning view of the Alps, a small world of its own has been created there. It is here that we recognize how nature always rebuilds our strengths over and over again. Therefore, for many years now, our focus has been on returning to the natural foundations and on a prudent treatment of nature. We take great pleasure in designing the outdoor areas in an ecologically sustainable way. They include:

  • more than 20,000 native trees, shrubs and roses,
  • laid out meadow orchards,
  • valuable hedge banks,
  • a monastery garden,
  • a big, scenic pond with a creek
  • and eco habitats for ground game.

In addition, numerous environment-oriented measures were carried out, such as:

  • construction of a totally biological sewage treatment plant,
  • renaturation of approx. 3,000 sqm of a formerly sealed area,
  • heat production with solar panels and winter gardens,
  • a 12,000 litre cistern for everyday needs
  • and the best possible insulation of the building complex.

Here at VIA NOVA, the term "health" is broadly defined with regard to body, soul and mind. Consequently, VIA NOVA aims at

  • naturally improving the body's energy supply,
  • solving problems of the musculoskeletal system or of the skin with the help of nature,
  • facilitating better performance and more endurance while at the same time supporting physical health
  • and making you quickly fit and healthy again after stressful situations, excessive demands, illnesses or top performances.

Our products are problem solutions that we have found in nature. Since 1990, we have offered natural products that meet the highest expectations for health-conscious people:

  • We make our products as close to their natural state as possible.
  • We strictly reject animal experiments for the testing of our products.
  • We produce and box as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • We focus on the most valuable natural substances, quality and benefit.

Learning from nature means using natural sources.

We strive for a balance between ecology and economy and we draw consequences accordingly if ecological aspects so require. This is primarily an appeal to a new creative thinking, to honesty and to reason.